26th February 2020 Educational Talk: “From Art to Zoology: A Story of Evolution” with Katrina Van Grouw

Join us on Wednesday the 26th of February 2020 at 6:45pm for another educational talk! This time we will be welcoming Katrina Van Grouw.

In ‘From Art to Zoology: A Story of Evolution’ Katrina van Grouw discusses evolution and adaptations in birds, but also her personal evolution from artist to science author.

Informative, inspirational, and often very, very funny, she talks in particular about her 25 year journey to create her magnum opus The Unfeathered Bird and her more recent publication, Unnatural Selection.

These large-scale, beautiful books each include around 400 illustrations. Virtually all the complete skeletons were prepared and reconstructed at home.

Join Katrina as she explains her aims and inspirations, shares her insights about animal anatomy and evolution, and relates how her home was turned upside down as more and more specimens joined the queue.

About the author

Katrina van Grouw, author of The Unfeathered Bird and Unnatural Selection (both published by Princeton University Press), inhabits that no-man’s land slap bang between art and science. She holds degrees in fine art and natural history illustration, and is a former curator of ornithological collections at a major national museum. She’s a self-taught scientist with a passion for evolutionary biology and its history. After a long and varied career on both sides of the art/science divide she now devotes her time exclusively to her books which, for her, “tick all creative and intellectual boxes.”

Doors open from 6.15pm for a 6:45pm start! £2.50 per person on the door. 

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