Natures gift to us…



Spring in the Westcountry is an enchanting time when the Countryside is speckled with the yellow of the Dandelion flowers.  This honey was collected during April when the warm spring air was filled with the aromas of bees fanning their golden treasure.

Hawthorn Honey

Hawthorn flowers adorn Devon hedgerows which are a haven for pollinating insects. Collected in May, this luxurious and rare honey is thick with a nutty, caramel taste; a truly powerful flavour.

Honey Dew

This gorgeous quality honey is a true rarity. A dark amber honey that has a deep flavour tasting rich and malty on the palette. With powerful qualities, it’s every honey lovers delight. 

Rapeseed Honey

Taste the Countryside with this deliciously sweet honey.  Produced from our bees foraging on the oil seed rape fields around the Westcountry.  With a white, creamy smooth texture, this honey is a firm favourite.

Ivy Honey

Foraged in October from the ivy in old woodlands across Devon, this special edition set honey has a distinctive bittersweet taste and with added medicinal properties, this superior honey is a rare and sought after delicacy.

Scottish Heather

Our bees go on a long journey but it’s worth it for this highly intense ,warm and woody honey with floral aromas reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands – the Champagne of all honeys!

Exmoor Heather Honey

Collected from the wilds of picturesque Exmoor, the honey from the tiny heather flowers certainly packs a punch with a bold and distinctive taste.  Thick and luscious in texture, a taste of Exmoor heaven.

Pure Devon Spring Honey

Collected from a combination of plants and hedgerow this honey highlights what North Devon would taste like in a jar, with a hint of caramel this luxurious honey is nature’s finest.

Pure Devon Summer Honey Set & Clear  

Collected from our extraordinary bees in the Summer months from the hedgerows and pastures of North Devon, this pure and natural honey has a mild and delicate flavour, perfect for everyday!

Lemon Twist

A smooth, zesty honey enriched with lemon oil.  This refreshing creation sees our Devon Flower Honey mixed with natural Sicilian lemon extract to give you a wonderful flavour with an added hit of lemon zing.

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