Quince Honey Farm relocated to a purpose-built site in 2019. Everything was designed with accessibility in mind to ensure everyone enjoys a day well spent with us.

Wheelchairs/Mobility Scooters/Pushchairs

All the buildings are on one level; there are no steps or stairs anywhere. The doorways are wide and there is ample space between display units, tables and exhibition stands to make it easy to move around the different areas.

We have two wheelchairs available for use on a first come first served basis. Please enquire on the day of your arrival or call us to reserve one on 01769 572401.

Assistance Dogs

We welcome all dogs in Quince Honey Farm. They must be wearing leads. Assistance dogs are allowed in all areas (pet dogs are not allowed in the indoor play area).


There are disabled toilets in the Visitors Centre, the Honey Factory and the Play Hive buildings. None of them require RADAR keys. Disabled parking spaces can be found to the left of the Visitors Centre and opposite the Play Hive. Visitors are welcome to drop off those less able nearer the doors before finding a parking space. Seats and benches can be found in all buildings and the gardens.

Play Hive

We have noise reducing headphones available from the Play Hive counter to assist with any sensory issues a child might have. During the weekdays, we also have a quiet room where children can go to chill out if they are finding it a bit too much. Please note that this room is used as the birthday party room on weekends, so is not available as a chill out space then.

Nectar Gardens

The pathways through the gardens are compressed gravel and we make every effort to ensure they are comfortable to manoeuvre around by wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs. We regret that wheeled appliances are not currently able to access the Nature Trails as these follow uneven country paths and fields.

Staff Training

Key members of staff across all departments are trained to give First Aid. All our staff have carried out Dementia Awareness training through a local charity to help all feel welcome.

Carers Ticket

We offer one free carer ticket per disabled visitor. To use this, please book online and select ‘Carer’ from the ticket types (can also be purchased on the door). Please show us proof of your carer status upon arrival. We accept anything that demonstrates you are accompanying a disabled person, for example confirmation of DLA, PIP, a Blue Badge or an Access Card.

If you have a particular question relating to accessibility, please do not hesitate to contact us here.