All About the Honeybee


Take a closer look at our bees…

Entry into the full attraction includes a visit to the Bee Shed with our Education Team to get a fascinating behind-the-scenes look in a beehive!

During the spring and summer months, when the bees are active, we will treat you to a beekeeping demonstration where your host will suit up and go into the booth and open up a hive of bees right before your eyes. They will use a smoker and a hive tool and lift out a frame of bees, explaining everything as they go to show you the inner workings of a hive in complete safety. Will you spot the queen bee?

In late autumn and winter, the bees become dormant so we keep the hives shut to allow them to rest. However, if you visit during this time, you will still be in for a treat. We will show you incredible video footage of the opening of a hive, with lots of fascinating facts and information about honeybees.

The Bee Shed has several different types of beehives on show*, demonstrating how beekeeping has changed throughout the years. You will discover who’s who in the hive, how the colony work together, how they make honey and what they do with it. It is a perfect insight into the wonderful world of honeybees!

*All beehives are outside of the Bee Shed building and behind protective glass, so you can enjoy the views in full safety.