All about beeswax

candle rolling

All about beeswax

Have you ever used beeswax before? Find out about this amazing substance when you visit the full attraction and join our talk all about beeswax. Our friendly Education Team will reveal all… how it is made, why it is made, and what we can use it for.  Through our viewing windows you will be able to see our production areas too, including our beeswax candle making room where all our candles are hand-dipped, moulded or rolled, and the frame making room, where we repair and make new frames for our hives that are dotted all over the local countryside.


Roll your own beeswax candle

The beeswax talk finishes with an optional candle rolling session. You’ll get the chance to roll your own beeswax candle that you can take home with you, for a truly unique souvenir of your visit to Quince Honey Farm.

We make our own candles out of the beeswax we gather from our hives. With a pleasantly sweet aroma, they are a great addition to any home. Our range of beeswax candles, made by us in our Honey Factory, are available to buy in our shop.