Explore our honeybee exhibition, or ‘Hexhibition‘ as we like to call it, during your visit to Quince Honey Farm. The Hexhibition is constantly evolving and developing, with the aim of being the largest honeybee exhibition in the UK when complete! Current exhibitions include the Lifecycle of the Honeybee with original artwork by artist & photographer Karolina Andreasova, Anatomy of the Honeybee featuring a bee-autiful metal bee sculpture by artist Rich Thoms, and a photography exhibition showing the fauna and flora found in the Nectar Gardens and grounds by Karolina. You can also take a seat and watch our video of the development of the farm, showing some amazing time lapse drone footage of the build taken during 2018/19 when the farm moved to it’s current location at Aller Cross.

In the Bee Shed you can take a look at our Honey Hunting Cave. Artist Pete Ward has used local earth pigments to create replicas of real cave paintings found all over the world that depict our ancestors hunting honey from wild bees from thousands of years ago.

A Full Attraction ticket includes access to our Hexhibition and Bee Shed buildings, where our exhibitions are housed. We encourage you to wander and explore at your own pace, to continue your learning journey into the wonderful world of honeybees!