Guided Tours

guided tours

Take the journey from flower to jar

Join our guided tours to learn about bees, honey and everything in between!

Garden Tour – hear about the past, present and future plans of our pollinator friendly Nectar Gardens.

Seed Bar – visit the Seed Bar in the gardens and plant a bee-friendly seed to take home with you.

Beekeeping Demo – learn about honeybees and watch a hive be opened up to see beekeeping in action in complete safety. 

Curious Creatures – meet our Leaf Cutter Ants, Giant African Land Snail and Stick Insects.

Honey Factory Tour & Taste – see our production areas and sample some of our delicious honeys.

Beeswax & Candle Rolling – learn about the amazing substance that is beeswax and roll your own candle to take home.

guided tours

Where is Quince Honey Farm?

Quince Honey Farm

Aller Cross
South Molton
EX36 3RD

VAT Reg No : 142 4957 61

Tel : 01769 572401

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