Nectar Gardens & Nature Trails


A haven for bees and pollinators

Our Nectar Gardens has been designed specifically for bees, other pollinators and the local wildlife, and is a place where nectar and pollen are maximised. All the planting is bee and pollinator friendly, with features that provide a habitat for various wildlife. The garden design is made up of hexagonal plots (of course), so that from above it looks like honeycomb from a hive! Although the site is still young and now in it’s 5th year of development, the garden itself is the largest garden in the UK that is specifically designed for the local wildlife and that is open to the public. 

The Nectar Gardens are constantly growing and evolving, offering different delights each season and provide a stunning place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature all year round. We have seen the garden attract a variety of wildlife including voles, frogs, ducklings, butterflies, dragonflies, swallows and grass snakes. What will you see during your visit?

The gardens can be enjoyed by the whole family, children can do our ‘Buzzy Bee Bingo’ and are encouraged to climb to the top of our moorland plot, crawl through the different tunnels, the willow tunnel, explore the maze and get muddy on the trails!

Entry into the full attraction also includes a guided tour of the Nectar Gardens, where you will find out more about our planting, how we are helping our pollinators, our gardening ethos, and our future plans. We hope you will be inspired to make your own garden more bee-friendly and take some tips back home with you.

As well as the Nectar Gardens, you can also visit our Seed Bar, explore our stumpery, meadow trail and take the pollinator path up to the orchard…

Seed Bar

In the spring and summer, entry into the full attraction includes a visit to the Seed Bar where you can plant a bee friendly seed in a compostable plant pot to take home with you! Choose from our selection of seeds to start your very own pollinator paradise in your garden at home. In autumn time our seed planting changes into a seed harvest, where you can choose some seeds to take home with you to plant in the spring. These seeds are all harvested from flowers grown in our very own our Nectar Gardens and are all popular with bees!


Beside the car park we have our stumpery. Made up of a collection of old tree stumps, a stumpery provides wonderful habitats for insects and small animals, as well as mosses and lichen. The upturned tree roots also give a dramatic point of interest to any garden.

Meadow Trail

Follow the trail through our apiary fields and wildflower meadows for a lovely walk in the countryside. Will you spot any of our local wildlife? You may need your wellies!

Pollinator Path

Wander through the stumpery and see if you can spot any bugs who have made the gnarled old trees their home, then up through the orchard where our apple, cherry, pear and quince trees are growing, and to the wildflower meadow at the top to enjoy views around the farm.

Research and sustainability

The landscaping of the site has a very strong commitment to sustainability, including using coppiced wood from the site for the timber requirements and stone quarried from the site for dry stone walls. We also carry out regular research to discover the best nectar producing plants and actively promote sustainable land management methods. By visiting us you are directly contributing towards our work in protecting bees, pollinators and local wildlife!