Butterflies of Devon - Evening Talk

Lepidoptera, the order of winged insects that includes butterflies and moths, are among the most widespread groups of insects and are found on all continents but one across the world – even on the Arctic circle. They are undoubtedly beautiful and remarkable creatures. But, do you know your butterfly from your moth? Is it true that butterflies migrate? What is their role in nature?

Join us for an evening talk with Pete Hurst to learn all about these beautiful insects, with a look at their lifecycle, usefulness and threats. Pete Hurst is a long-standing committee member of the Butterfly Conservation Devon Branch and will share his passion and knowledge with you about the wonderful world of butterflies. With a focus on Devon butterflies, including some of our rarities, he will also touch upon the local conservation efforts to protect them. Learn about the differences between butterflies and moths, with a bit of myth-busting followed by a delve into the world of moths too.

We hope you can join us at this evening talk and be inspired about nature!

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More about Pete Hurst…

Pete has had a passionate life-long interest in butterflies and moths ever since seeing a Swallowtail butterfly on a neighbour’s Buddleia bush in the school summer holidays when he was about 10 years old. Lepidoptera has been a committed voluntary pursuit for Pete, who is a long-standing committee member of the Butterfly Conservation Devon Branch, and Pete takes an active role in local conservation work and raising awareness. As well as giving talks, he leads field events to see butterflies in Devon and you may have seen him manning Butterfly Conservation stands at various shows across the county. Pete is also the County Butterfly Recorder, receiving nearly 60,000 records from all over Devon for last year alone.

While lepidoptera may be the most widespread and widely recognisable insects in the world, long-term trends from the UK charity Butterfly Conservation has showing that 80% of butterfly species have decreased in abundance or distribution, or both, since the 1970s across the UK. With butterflies and moths being sensitive indicators of the health of our environment, this is alarming news. Find out more on the Butterfly Conservation website – https://butterfly-conservation.org/


 Key information:

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  • Suitable for adults and children age 12 years + and beginners to the subject area.
  • Doors open at 6:30pm, please arrive in good time to be seated for 7pm ready for the talk to start.
  • The Nectar Gardens and the Nectary Restaurant will be open between 6:30pm – 7pm, for customers to explore the gardens at their leisure and to purchase drinks and refreshments before the talk starts.
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