English Wallflower Seeds ( Erysimum cheiri ‘Cloth of Gold’)


Sweetly-scented with golden flowers perfect for a bee-friendly springtime in your garden.

Sowing & Growing – sow 6 mm deep outdoors directly into weed free soil.  Sow in June for flowers the following spring.

Flowers: February to May.

Average No fo Seeds: 250

Height: 45cm

Type: Grown as Biennial

” A truly vital plant in any bee-friendly garden.  This early spring bloomer provides much needed pollen and nectar for bees when the weather is suitable for them to fly.  Very popular with emerging bumblebee queens looking for sustenance after hibernation.  Solitary bees and butterflies are also seen visiting these flowers in our Nectar Gardens. We can’t recommend these beauties highly enough!” Garden Team

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