Honeydew Honey 227g


An unusual honey with an unusual story.  It comes not from nectar of flowers but from another insect.  Aphids produce a sweet secretion which is collected by the bees and turned into honey.  The taste is fabulous!  We tend not to see it in any great quantity so will rarely extract it.



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The bees collect the sweet secretions and transport it in their honey crop and process it just like nectar. It is a true rarity – we will not get it every year.  We are fortunate to see this honey one year in four. A fabulous tasting honey that is very rare so grab a jar while you can!

Although not medically proven, it has been said to be effective to disinfect wounds and injuries. Like the other types of honey, it is a strong antibacterial and is particularly recommended for alleviating colds, sore throats, coughs and, in general, diseases involving the respiratory system.


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