Taste the Countryside with Seasonal Honeys

Quince Honey Farm's seasonal honeys

By Quince Honey

Quince Honey Farm produces a variety of different honeys, all collected from around 1500 hives situated in the glorious North Devon and Exmoor countryside. The bees start producing honey in the spring months and, if weather conditions are just right, can continue right through until winter.

With an abundance of flora available to the bees in this stunning part of the country, each season brings with it a different taste and quality to the honey they produce. It really is possible to taste the countryside with a jar of this delicious amber nectar!

Here are Quince Honey Farm’s seasonal honeys:

Dandelion Honey
Dandelions are one of the first spring flowers to bloom in the UK, making this one of our first honeys of the year. The flowers are loaded with pollen and nectar and the bees love them. The honey produced is runny, floral and packed with flavour.

Spring Blossom Honey
Another honey from the beginning of the season, and this time the bees have been foraging from the bright yellow flowers of the oil seed rape fields dotted around the West Country. The honey produced from this is very sweet with a smooth texture and is a firm favourite with many customers.

Devon Flower Honey
One of our most popular honeys, the bees make this during the summer months when they are gathering pollen from the hedgerows and white clover fields surrounding them. With a mild but tasty flavour, the clear honey is perfect to go with everything, from a dollop on your porridge to adding sweetness to a marinade. The set honey has been left to naturally granulate, giving it a lovely thick texture, perfect for smothering over hot toast.

Exmoor Heather Honey
During August, all our bees are moved to nearby Exmoor to forage the picturesque heather covered hills. The resulting honey has a strong and distinctive taste with a thick, luscious texture. 

Ivy Honey
This is a very special limited edition honey which can only be produced if the conditions are just right, as the bees will gather pollen from the ivy if the weather is mild enough during the latter part of the year. The texture can be very firm, so may need agitating with a knife, but it’s worth it for the amazingly flavoursome reward.

Visit Quince Honey Farm in South Molton to taste the range of honeys on offer and pick up a jar of your favourite from the shop. As well as the seasonal honeys, we also sell our own honey-based products such as chutney, mustard, marmalade, beeswax and comb honey.


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